Take a Journey with your 5 Senses

Almost everyone enjoys eating chocolate, but not everyone knows it’s not just about taste. To act like a true chocolate connoisseur, follow these steps created by the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatiers. They say the best EXCELLENCE experience happens when all your five senses are in play.

This ritual should be relaxed and mindful, so choose whether you want take this sensory journey in private (our absolute favourite way) – or with fellow chocolate lovers at a dinner party. Either way, we guarantee it will change your appreciation of EXCELLENCE.


Open your EXCELLENCE chocolate slowly, paying attention to its silky sheen and delicious colour.


Hold a piece between your thumb and index finger and rub gently. High quality chocolate melts with your body temperature, revealing a velvety, smooth surface. EXCELLENCE is never sandy, rough or grainy.


EXCELLENCE breaks easily and neatly, so you’ll hear a signature crisp, clear, sharp snap as you break a piece off. Quality dark chocolate always cracks and never crumbles because the refined particles are so small.


Bring the chocolate close to your nose and inhale. Are the notes distinct or subtle? Do you detect any other scents, such as fruit flavours, vanilla or spices?


Let a small piece melt on your tongue and experience the intense symphony of cocoa flavours. Chew three to five times and concentrate on the taste and texture. Is it spicy, sweet, salty, nutty or fruity? Is it earthy? Challenge yourself to identify all the flavours, taking note of how they evolve. Is there a strong reminder lingering in your mouth, or does it quickly vanish?

We completely understand if you want to repeat this delicious experience with another tablet of EXCELLENCE. Just cleanse your palate with unsalted crackers or mineral water before trying a different flavour.

Expert tip: Begin with the milk varieties before progressing to the intense dark ingredients range.