Elevate your EXCELLENCE experience with a sophisticated new flavour

New EXCELLENCE Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut

Discover the ultimate chocolate sophistication with all new EXCELLENCE Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut.

Lovingly crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, this exquisite take on fruit & nut is a sumptuous symphony of flavours and textures, packed with gently roasted nuts, and beautifully balanced with sweet cranberry pieces. 

Both intense and subtly sweet, this exceptional twist on a classic flavour is ideal for both dark chocolate novices and connoisseurs alike, offering up the best of both worlds in every delicious bite. 

Discover EXCELLENCE Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut in stores nationwide now.

Excellence Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut
Excellence Cranberry, Almond & Hazelnut