Discover the LINDT HELLO South Africa Edition

Support your city with our new range of South African-inspired HELLO slabs. Locally designed to capture the beauty of South Africa’s cities, our new-look HELLO slabs pay homage to the splendour of the country we call home.

From Jozi to Cape Town and Pretoria to Durbz, we’re honouring the colours, people and sights of the rainbow nation with our brand-new packaging.

But our new HELLO slabs are much more than just eye-candy: they’re also designed to support and give back to the cities we live in and love. That’s why for each limited edition South African HELLO slab you buy, R1 will be donated to hospitals within the city depicted on the packaging to say thank you for their never-ending efforts to care for South Africans.

Join us in our pledge to #SupportYourCity as we celebrate the sights and sounds of our vibrant nation. You’ll find our new South Africa design HELLO slabs in a supermarket near you.