Enjoy more blissful moments with LINDOR

Enjoy more blissful moments with LINDOR!

Get ready to make this your most blissful festive season yet with irresistibly smooth melting LINDOR. Whether you’re sharing, giving as a gift or simply spoiling yourself, there is a LINDOR treat to suit any and every occasion.



Treat yourself!

The holidays might still be a while away, but you can still steal a moment of bliss for yourself anytime you like. Perfect for enjoying on the go, LINDOR Sticks boast the same irresistibly smooth melting filling you know and love, while our LINDOR 3-piece truffle boxes are perfectly sized for a single serving of bliss.



A gift for you or someone special

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or someone special, you simply can’t go wrong with the original LINDOR Milk Cornet 200g. Filled with 16 irresistibly smooth melting LINDOR Milk Truffles, this iconic and beloved treat is sure to be on everyone’s wish list this season.

More bliss to go aroud

If you’re entertaining or looking to stock up for a truly blissful festive season, we’ve got you covered with our larger Cornet boxes, the 337g and 500g. Ideal for sharing or using as table decor, these super-sized Cornets are sure to keep you stocked up on LINDOR Bliss all summer long.

Melting moments

18 blissful moments. 1 irresistibly smooth slab. Perfect for sharing as an after-dinner treat or a tea-time delight, each LINDOR Singles Slab comprises 18 individual squares featuring our signature smooth melting filling. How you choose to enjoy each moment is up to you.

Gift toppers & stocking fillers

Make this Christmas season more blissful than ever before with our LINDOR Gift Boxes 75g. Filled with irresistibly smooth melting LINDOR Truffles, these beautifully packaged gift boxes make perfect stocking fillers, and can be used as a blissful add-on to any gift - be it to yourself or someone else.