The Lindt Difference: The Invention

Chocolate hasn’t always been the smooth, irresistible treat we enjoy today. In fact, until one fateful Friday in 1879, it was gritty and hard to eat, the world’s chocolatiers having yet to discover the key to unlocking a more palette-friendly form of the sought-after substance.


It was a curious Rodolphe Lindt, who having bought an old factory hall full of antiquated machines, attempted to solve the problem puzzling those across the globe. While his initial attempts were met with scorn, he failed to give up, and got a little help from Lady Luck along the way.


Having left work without switching off the factory’s machines, his chocolate was left to churn slowly throughout the weekend, leaving a smooth melting surprise for Rodolphe upon his return. A world away from the chocolate he knew, this beautiful new creation melted silkily in the mouth, and would be the very first production of Lindt Chocolate as we know it today.


This unique process known as conching is still in use in 2018 - after all, why mess with a winning forumula? The conche is a machine used to mix and evenly distribute cocoa butter within chocolate for many hours, scraping and polishing the individual particles to release more flavour and remove unwanted bitterness. The result? The smooth melting Lindt Chocolate we all love today.


Is the conche the greatest invention of all time? We like to think so. After all, what would the world be without the incomparable smoothness and refined texture of Lindt Chocolate?

Watch the video here.

The perfect example of conching

Extended conching makes EXCELLENCE Mild 70% a shining example of Rodolphe Lindt’s pioneering design, enabling the creation of a subtle, understated flavour that still benefits from the rich, aromatic qualities of cocoa.

Created using a meticulous selection of the finest cocoa beans, this smooth, rounded slab boasts intricate cocoa flavours, extracted from the conching process, allowing the lighter side of its darkness to be revealed.


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