Pairing Perfection with LINDT EXCELLENCE 78%

Expertly crafted and elegantly refined, new EXCELLENCE 78% offers LINDT lovers a unique and intense taste experience. Made from the finest cocoa beans, this elegant slab delivers rich cocoa powder flavours, interspersed with subtle notes of roasted nuts and biscuits.


Beautifully balanced, EXCELLENCE 78% is the natural next step for dark chocolate lovers, offering a deeply complex symphony of flavours, without the intensity of higher cocoa rates.


Now available in retail outlets countrywide, EXCELLENCE 78% makes a perfect accompaniment to a cold winter’s night, and a natural pairing partner for the finer things in life, its intricate tapestry of flavours lending itself perfectly to culinary companionship.


This winter, our LINDT Master Chocolatiers have picked out some of their favourite EXCELLENCE 78% pairings to help you through the colder months:

EXCELLENCE 78% & Pinot Noir

The chocolate’s intensity is beautifully matched by the strong berry notes of a Pinot Noir, which elevate the chocolate’s richness to create a delicate and aromatic symphony. Lighter in character than its more well known counterparts and slightly more floral on the palate, this understated red is beautifully intensified by the chocolate, which lifts its subtle undertones to bold new heights.

EXCELLENCE 78% & Flat White

A bold yet soothing collision of intense flavours, this pairing is perhaps enjoyed a few hours before bedtime. The flat white’s creaminess cuts through the robust flavour of the chocolate, whilst the strong espresso component further enhances it to deliver a complex and well rounded flavour experience that’s both comforting and compelling.

EXCELLENCE 78% & Green Tea

A surprising yet exhilarating confluence of contrasting flavours, this pairing is best prescribed for those bitter winter nights. The delicate texture of the tea enhances the chocolate’s high cocoa taste, extending its time on the palate and leaving behind a soft and elegant aftertaste.