Irresistibly Smooth

Break through the milk chocolate shell and discover the smooth melting centre as you enter into the stimulating world of the senses.

Melt into a Blissful Moment

Relax, unwind and melt into pure bliss with Lindor. Break through the delicate chocolate shell to reveal a smooth, creamy filling worth savouring. 

Discover our Newest Creation

Created in our famous kitchens; Lindor Salted Caramel combines smooth milk chocolate with buttery caramel and a hint of salt flakes for an enhanced bittersweet flavour.

Lindor Pick and Mix Box.
Pick & Mix

Don’t just choose one. Take your pick at our Lindt Boutiques 

Visit on of our Lindt boutiques with over 20 flavours to choose from, you can experiment as much as you like. Keep your favourites all to yourself or gift a specially chosen selection to your loved ones.

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The Master Chocolatier Method

The secret to pure bliss

Fine hard outer shell. Creamy, melting filling. It’s not hard to tell why Lindor is one of our most beloved products across the globe. Find out from our Master Chocolatiers what makes Lindor so deliciously smooth.

Master Chocolatier swirling chocolate using a whisk.
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Sustainably Sourced

Tracked from bean to bar

Sustainably grown cocoa pods.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Lindor Milk Stick

Enjoy Lindor in another format!

Early Lindor chocolate box.

How It All Began

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A box of classic red Lindor milk chocolate.
A warm of tea with Lindor and steam.
Three girls celebrating Galentines Day with Lindor chocolate and wine.
A large cup filled with red Lindor truffles in hand.
Indulging in a moment of bliss at home with Lindor.
A woman holding out a heart-shaped box of Lindor chocolate truffles.