Discover LINDOR Milk Hazelnut!

Discover LINDOR Milk Hazelnut

Discover your ultimate blissful moment with LINDOR Milk Hazelnut, an irresistible combination of smooth melting LINDOR and crunchy hazelnut pieces. Previously available exclusively as part of our LINDOR Assorted Collections, this perpetual fan favourite now has its very own space in the spotlight, and can now be found countrywide in a variety of delicious formats.

Irresistibly smooth and subtly crunchy, this nutty, nuanced LINDOR flavour offers a uniquely luxurious sensory journey of flavours and textures, making it a guaranteed gifting winner or an ideal me-time moment spoil.

Our 200g LINDOR Milk Hazelnut cornet is now available alongside all your other favourite flavours, meaning you can have your bliss any way you like it.

And if you’re looking to steal a moment of bliss on the go, we’ve got you covered with LINDOR Hazelnut Singles Slabs. Comprising 18 irresistible squares, each filled with our signature smooth melting LINDOR filling, these unique slabs are perfectly apportioned to offer up a touch of bliss in the midst of a busy day.

Discover LINDOR Milk Hazelnut in most major supermarkets, countrywide.