Introducing EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense

Fresh, fruity and decadently intense, all-new EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense is the latest masterpiece crafted by the LINDT Master Chocolatiers. A sophisticated combination of the finest dark chocolate and real raspberry flavours, this intense new slab is the perfect pairing partner for chilly winter evenings.


Available in stores nationwide for a limited time only, this expertly balanced expression of chocolate craftsmanship invites you to engage all your senses, captivating you with its intense aroma before seducing you with its decadent taste.


The natural tartness of its berry flavours makes EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense an ideal companion for robust red wines, its elegant blend of cocoa and fruit a perfect match for a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Grenache.


Equally, the slab’s subtle flavours are well matched to the musky spiciness of Darjeeling Tea - an ideal combination best enjoyed on chilly afternoons.


Equally enjoyable on its own as an intense after-hours delight, this new EXCELLENCE flavour is sure to be one of your favourites.


Discover EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense, in stores now for a limited time only.