Indulge in Bliss on the go with LINDOR

Heading back to work? That’s no reason to put your bliss on the back burner. Thanks to the irresistibly smooth melting taste of LINDOR Sticks, you can experience pure chocolate indulgence any time you like.

Available in classic Milk, irresistible Caramel, and new fresh Milk Mint for a limited time only, LINDOR Sticks make the perfect in-between indulgence for those long, hot days spent back behind your desk. The ideal fit for your handbag, your desk drawer and everywhere in between, these lovingly crafted on the go bars are the LINDT Master Chocolatiers’ ultimate antidote to the stresses of a busy day.

So stock up on your favourites, find the perfect hiding spot, and indulge in a moment of pure LINDOR bliss. Anytime. Anywhere.


Discover irresistible smooth LINDOR Sticks in your nearest supermarket or at our LINDT Chocolate Boutiques today.