Deck the halls with LINDOR

Add a blissful touch to your festive décor this season with LINDOR, and sweeten up your Christmas with a selection of colourful decorations that look as good as they taste.

LINDOR Centrepieces

No Christmas table would be complete without an impressive LINDOR centrepiece. Simply fill a vase with a selection of Christmas baubles and irresistibly smooth LINDOR truffles to create a beautiful table showpiece that is sure to wow all your guests this holiday season. Or fill a few old-school champagne glasses with alternating LINDOR flavours to sweeten up the entire length of your table.

LINDOR Gift Boxes

Forget the novelty trinkets and tired jokes – this year, it’s time to transform your Christmas into Blissmas by creating your very own LINDOR Gift Boxes. All you need is some festive ribbon, a beautiful box and a selection of your favourite LINDOR truffles. Simply fill the box with irresistibly smooth LINDOR truffles, wrap it up with a ribbon and affix a few loose truffles to the top to complete the ultimate homemade gift.

LINDOR Christmas Tree

To create your very own LINDOR Christmas tree, simply wrap a foam cone with some of your favourite festive wrapping paper, before carefully attaching LINDOR truffles evenly using toothpicks, to create an irresistible, edible festive showpiece.


An eye-catching and exceptionally festive addition to any home, a LINDOR Christmas wreath is sure to make you the envy of your guests this season. To make yours, simply lace a few LINDOR milk truffles together using string, and space them evenly through a store-bought wreath. Then, use a glue gun or wire to keep them in place, and hang somewhere where wandering hands are unlikely to reach.