Your Ultimate LINDOR Eggs Hiding Guide

Opening up a LINDOR Egg is only half the fun. The real treat lies hidden within – an irresistibly smooth melting filling guaranteed to add a touch of bliss to your Easter season.


Just one decadent bite of this grown-up Easter treat will leave you feeling like a kid again, transported to a moment of pure Easter bliss as its molten core reveals itself to your taste buds.


But a secret this sweet is best kept away from prying eyes, safely concealed so as not to find its way into unwelcome hands. The question is: where will you keep your LINDOR Eggs hidden this Easter season?


Here are few easy ways to keep your irresistibly smooth melting LINDOR Eggs out of harm’s way this Easter:

Get Literal

That coffee table book someone gave you as a misguided gift many years ago finally has a use. All you need are a set of box cutters and some glue to keep the pages stuck together and voila – your very own book safe!

The last place you’d egg-spect

Sometimes, the best hiding places are also the simplest. After all, why go to the effort of climbing trees or staging elaborate ruses when you already have plenty of perfectly good hideaway spots at your disposal? 

Bag it up

A handbag is the ultimate safe haven, having flummoxed many a hunter over the years thanks to the sheer volume and diversity of its contents.  By keeping your LINDOR Eggs packed in with your other valuables, you’re unlikely to see them fall prey to abduction, particularly if red’s your colour.


Find our LINDOR Eggs this season at all major retailers in a variety of treat-ready sizes, and indulge in a moment of bliss this Easter.