Your LINDOR Me-Time Guide

Your LINDOR Me-Time Guide

For many of us, 24 hours seems far too few to accomplish what needs doing every day. There are bills to pay, jobs to be done, meals to be prepared.

But what about those precious little moments that are just ours to savour? When life gets busy, personal time tends to get pushed down the priority list in favour of the frantic and frequent demands of our daily existence.

But what if there was a way to squeeze in a moment or two of much-needed ‘me time’? While there might not always be time for the types of lavish indulgences we sometimes dream of (daily massages certainly wouldn’t go amiss), with careful planning, there’s still ample opportunity to replenish your mind and spirit.

Here’s our LINDT Master Chocolatier’s guide to working a little ‘me time’ into your busy schedule:

Keep a journal


Wake up a little earlier each morning and spend a few minutes jotting down some your thoughts in a journal. By taking a few moments to get inside your own head and focus on positive thoughts on affirmations, you’ll clear your mind of clutter, and put yourself in a better position to get the day off to a great start. Pair up your prose with a LINDOR truffle or two and add a delicious twist to your mornings.

Take a walk


There’s something utterly indulgent about a quick burst of fresh air in the midst of a busy day, the sun on your skin and the wind in your face. Rather than the harrowed lunchtime rush, consider packing a few snacks (and a couple of LINDOR truffles of course), and doing a few loops around the neighbourhood. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your day.

Read a book


Reading might seem like a luxury only others can afford, but the reality is there are plenty of opportunities every day to catch up on that novel you’ve long been putting off starting. Whether you’re stuck in the supermarket queue, waiting for the kids to finish school or preparing dinner, why not tuck into a few pages here and there, and let your mind wander away from the stresses of life.