Gin & EXCELLENCE: The ultimate winter warmer

Gin is in this season, its inherently refreshing properties making it the perfect antidote to the chilly evenings currently doing the rounds.  


Once the preferred tipple of the senior population, gin has enjoyed a spectacular renaissance of late, with numerous bars dedicated to its unique taste cropping up around the country.


Gin’s distinctive notes and aromas make it an ideal pairing partner for EXCELLENCE, its intensity mirrored by that of the chocolate, which elevates the sensory experience to bold new heights.


And thanks to the recent profusion of gin cocktails and artisanal tonics, there’s now a wide variety of decadent flavour combinations to explore.

This winter, discover some of our LINDT Master Chocolatier’s favourite gin and EXCELLENCE pairings, perfectly picked out to ward off the winter chill:

The classic: Gin & Tonic and EXCELLENCE Lime Intense

The intense cocoa notes found in EXCELLENCE Lime Intense accentuate the strong juniper berry flavour in this classic tipple. Subtle undertones of citrus highlight the chocolate’s tangy lime zest, elevating both sweet and tart flavours to create a beautifully balanced match.

The new kid on the block: Honey Gin Cocktail and EXCELLENCE Orange Intense

Delicate notes of orange blossom found in the sweet notes of this simple cocktail beautifully elevate the strong citrus notes found in this popular slab. EXCELLENCE Orange Intense’s subtle almond slivers expertly offset the cocktail’s sweetness, creating a rounded, toasty flavour combination that both warms and refreshes the palate.

Honey Gin Cocktail Recipe


50ml gin

10ml runny honey (use the best you can, its flavour will shine)

5ml water

15ml fresh lemon juice



Stir the honey into the water until dissolved to make a syrup. Pour into a cocktail shaker with the gin, lemon juice and a couple of ice cubes. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

The light side: Duchess Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic & EXCELLENCE 70%

For those who prefer their evening indulgence without the kick, this alcohol-free pairing is the perfect alternative. Boasting a distinctive flavour all its own, Duchess Gin & Tonic matches up well against the creamy, mild taste of EXCELLENCE Mild 70%, which delicately highlights the drink’s subtle undertones of cardamom and cloves to create a balanced, refreshing palate feel.


Also pairs well with: EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy