EXCELLENCE Winter Wine Pairings

While many find the frigid climes of winter less than agreeable, true connoisseurs of life’s finer side tend to welcome its arrival. Lengthier, cooler nights bring with them the opportunity to explore a wider, more decadent spectrum of flavours, offering culinary aficionados the perfect excuse to dabble on the more intense side.


With winter now well on its way, the time has finally come to pack away those wine popsicles and cocktail mixers, and to start discovering a darker, more luxurious pairing palate.


To celebrate the coming season, the LINDT Master Chocolatiers have partnered up with Vrede en Lust’s award-winning winemakers to craft an inimitable winter pairing menu, complete with all your favourite flavours.


Here are a few of their favourite cold-friendly combinations.

LINDT EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut & Vrede en Lust White Mischief

This unique blend of Chenin blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Semillon and Viognier is an ideal winter choice for white wine lovers, boasting a complexity of flavours thanks to the many cultivars used. This light yet luscious wine is beautifully complemented by the subtle crunch and delicate roasted undertones of EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut, resulting in a bold, balanced flavour profile, and a dark & indulgent mouthfeel.

LINDT EXCELLENCE Chilli & Vrede en Lust Pinot Noir

This understated pairing boasts a tell-tale sting in the tail, with the subtle chilli undertones of the chocolate gradually rising in intensity as the wine’s dark berry flavours settle on the tongue. A surprising and intriguing combination of tastes and aromas, this beautifully matched duo continues to deliver well after the last sip, leaving the palate ensconced in a delicate, spicy warmth sure to ward off the chill. 

LINDT EXCELLENCE Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt & Vrede en Lust Côtes de Savoye

Smooth dark chocolate, crunchy caramel pieces and subtle undertones of salt make this slab a dramatic and intense pairing partner for this Rhone style blend. Aromas of violet and red fruit are elegantly elevated by the chocolate’s luxurious flavour profile, creating an intriguing blend of salty and sweet that deftly caresses the palate.