DIY LINDOR Lollies: Your How-To Guide

DIY LINDOR Lollies: Your How-To Guide


Rediscover your bliss this summer with LINDOR, and make those long, balmy evenings even sweeter by creating your very own poolside treats. Perfect for kids and adults alike, LINDOR Lollies make a fun and indulgent addition to any get together, and the best part is, you can enjoy them any way you want.

All you need to get started is a selection of your favourite LINDOR flavours, some melted LINDT SWISS CLASSIC chocolate, a variety of decorative sprinkles and a few lollipop sticks.

Start by gently inserting your lollipop sticks into your smooth melting LINDOR truffles, being sure not to release the filling. As a rule, insert just far enough so that they stand on their own.

Next, dip your newly created LINDOR lolly into a bowl of melted chocolate, using either white or milk chocolate depending on what type of canvas you’d prefer for your work of art.

Once fully coated, it’s time to get creative. You can use icing and a piping bag or simply opt for a selection of sprinkles, depending on how colourful and eye-catching you’d like the final outcome to be. Your masterpieces are now ready.

Simply leave to cool and place in a decorative container and leave for your guests to enjoy. Here’s to a sweet and blissful summer!