Champagne and EXCELLENCE: The ultimate pairing guide

An irresistible indulgence symbolic of refinement and celebration, champagne has long enjoyed a reputation as a natural companion to the finer things in life.

But whilst bubbly is customarily enjoyed alongside toasts and canapés, it also makes a perfect pairing partner for EXCELLENCE, its enticing sparkle and subtle sweetness well balanced by the intense notes found in the chocolate.

Unlike wine, which creates a subtle, slowly intensifying sensation on the palate when combined with EXCELLENCE, champagne produces a more immediate and explosive reaction, its bold flavours and unique mouth feel triggering a variety of intriguing and indulgent outcomes.

Enjoy your EXCELLENCE with a side of effervescence this season and toast to the milestones of the year gone by with this hand-picked selection of perfect pairings from our Master Chocolatiers. 

LINDT EXCELLENCE Mint Intense and a Brut Rosé MCC

The dry finish of a Brut Rosé MCC amplifies the fresh aromas and tantalisingly cool flavours of EXCELLENCE Mint Intense. This pairing is all about balance – a rush of minty freshness followed by a sparkling flood of sharper, more delicate flavours, which both enhance and moderate the chocolate’s bold flavours.

Also pairs perfectly with: EXCELLENCE Orange Intense

LINDT EXCELLENCE Caramel with a touch of Sea Salt & Prosecco

The citrus and pear notes of a quality prosecco beautifully accentuate the sweet undertones of this indulgent slab, heightening its flavours to create a rich harmony on the palate. A marriage of textures and tonalities, the chocolate’s crisp caramel crackle is further elevated by the wine’s light sparkle, resulting in an irresistible taste sensation.

Also pairs perfectly with: EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut

LINDT EXCELLENCE Strawberry Intense and a sweet Rosé sparkling wine

The flecks of strawberry found in EXCELLENCE Strawberry Intense come to life on the palate when paired with a sweet sparkling Rosé, resulting in a delightfully refreshing taste experience. The fruity notes found in both chocolate and wine rise delicately to meet each other, creating a wonderfully rounded and balanced flavour sensation.

Also pairs perfectly with: EXCELLENCE Lime Intense

LINDT EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy and a Brut MCC

A gorgeous harmony of flavours and fizz, Brut MCC’s rich and creamy complexity is beautifully complemented by the rich tones of EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy. A doubly decadent and daring pairing, this is a sumptuous marriage of rich flavour notes, which collide to produce a sensationally satisfying partnership.

Also pairs perfectly with: EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt