Autumn Pairings

Exquisite Autumn Pairings to Ward Off The Chill

As the heat of summer slowly starts to ebb from the air, al fresco evenings are gradually replaced by cosier, more indulgent nights. But rather than rue the passing of summer, Autumn gives chocolate connoisseurs ample cause for excitement, offering up the opportunity to explore an array of darker, more sumptuous pairing combinations.

So as the days get ever shorter and the nights progressively chillier, it’s time to start embracing your dark side and discover a selection of new, more intense flavour pairings perfect for warding off that seasonal chill.

To get you started, our LINDT Master Chocolatiers have hand-picked a few decadent EXCELLENCE pairing combinations, guaranteed to make those cooler evenings something worth celebrating:

Boasting intense notes of cocoa, an espresso makes the perfect pairing partner for this subtle slab, which boasts understated bursts of salty flavour that elevate the coffee’s natural chocolate undertones to create a rich and spectacular culinary harmony.

A spicy and aromatic symphony ideally suited to chillier evenings, this is a culinary coupling rife with complexity and nuance. Hints of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper intensify the subtle chilli notes of the chocolate, intensifying its spicy characteristics to create a truly enticing and comforting chorus full of flavour and character.

This robust and expertly balanced pairing is custom-made for colder evenings. The earthy flavours of the Bordeaux Blend perfectly complement the chocolate’s dark cocoa characteristics, its strong aromas beautifully mellowed by this ever-popular slab’s balanced flavour profile, resulting in a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel and exquisite lingering aftertaste. 

An exquisite symphony of smooth, rich flavours, this pairing makes the perfect finale to any Autumn meal. The cheese’s rich, creamy characteristics are wonderfully matched by the smooth, expertly blended slab, which adds a subtle, yet not overpowering, sweetness to this indulgent combination. 

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