Find your summer bliss with Lindor


Find Your Summer Bliss with LINDOR

The holidays might be over, but there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy blissful moments and glorious days.

This summer, there’s a wide range of LINDOR flavours on offer to suit any occasion – from tangy tropical tastes to classic comforts that are equally irresistible no matter the temperature. So where will you discover your bliss this season?

Here are three blissful ways to enjoy those glorious summer days with LINDOR:


Picnic in the park

Make the most of the warm conditions by treating yourself to a lazy afternoon in the park surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Pack a blanket and fill a cooler bag with a selection of snacks and a couple of bottles of bubbly, and languish under the shade of the trees as you indulge in some of summer’s finest fare.

Must-try flavour: LINDOR Strawberries & Cream. A light and luxurious truffle with a fresh and summery centre, this irresistible LINDOR flavour adds a sweet and elegant touch to any outdoor gathering. Available in 200g cornets and snack-friendly three-piece boxes, LINDOR Strawberries & Cream is the ultimate accompaniment to summer.


Take a trip to nowhere

Hop in the car, wind down the windows and soak up South Africa’s sights and sounds on a blissful road trip to nowhere. There’s something utterly luxurious about a trip without a destination, accompanied by some of your favourite tunes and a side serving of sunshine. So set off on a journey this summer – who knows where the road might lead you?

Must-try flavour: Coffee is a staple of any road trip, so make sure to pack a few LINDOR Cappuccino truffles to sustain you on your summer adventures.

Catch up on your favourite magazines

Put your feet up and find a cool spot under the fan to soak up some of your favourite guilty pleasures. Nothing goes better with summer sunshine than lazy afternoons and easy reads, so stock up and make a day out of moseying through the latest glossy mags, and get all the top food, fashion and décor tips you need ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Must-try flavour: Accompany your day of reading with a few LINDOR Coconut Truffles, which boast an evocative tropical flavour that’ll take you right back to those balmy holidays spent at the beach.