How Dark Do You Like It? Cocoa Percentages Decoded

What’s not to love about dark chocolate? Rich, intense and decidedly delicious, it’s the ideal after-dinner delight and the perfect cooking companion.

But how dark is dark enough for the discerning chocolate lover? And what decides the difference between a mild and intense taste experience?

If you’re looking for a shade of darkness that’s just right for your palate, here’s our Master Chocolatier’s guide to the full range of EXCELLENCE flavours, complete with pairing suggestions to help you intensify your appreciation for your chosen slab.


Red berries with notes of honey and vanilla

The undisputed favourite amongst Excellence lovers, this full bodied dark chocolate is masterfully balanced, boasting deep roasted and complex flavours of the finest cocoa beans. The body of robust cocoa aroma in this high percentage chocolate mellows as it melts on your tongue, and the initial intensity reveals a multifaceted, round bouquet with notes of honey, pepper and red fruit. This perfectly balanced, dense and complex chocolate truly delivers a unique taste experience. A true chocolate masterpiece.


Pairs best with a full bodied Shiraz.


Vanilla with hints of cream and caramel

New to dark chocolate? This smooth and subtle slab is probably your best place to start. A slightly lighter colour with a touch of amber tones provides a hint of a more subtle chocolate experience. The aroma of rounded and intricate cocoa flavours are complemented by the delectable, luxurious scent of vanilla. Meticulous selection of the finest mild flavoured cocoa beans, along with the skills and craftsmanship of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, ensures the chocolate delivers a velvety and smooth texture as it coolly melts, whilst releasing a mild bouquet of flavours with notes of cream, stone fruit and honey that is less intense than Excellence 70% Cocoa.


Pairs best with a smooth Camembert.


Roasted nuts and biscuits

Intense with high cocoa and powder chocolate taste, EXCELLENCE 78% is the perfect choice for the evolving chocolate lover. Full-bodied and creamy and made with the finest quality cocoa beans, it features delicious aromas of biscuits and roasted nuts.


Pairs best with a dry MCC.


Earthy with hints of roasted coffee and caramel

Black coffee fans are sure to love this dark slab. The rich deep colour and intense cocoa fragrance is a powerful first impression of this exceptional dark chocolate. On the palate, the cocoa aspects of the aroma asserts itself with great intensity and firmness, only to soften when melting with exceptional smoothness, bringing to light a complexity and sharpness with earthy and roasted notes with  hints of roasted coffee, liquorice and caramel. The blending of the finest Bourbon vanilla beans rounds off this truly majestic chocolate.


Pairs best with a sweet Muscat. 


Woody with notes of toffee and liquorice

Tantalisingly dark in colour, with complex, rich and deep aromas that reveal the most pure and balanced yet profound cocoa flavour. On the palate, this chocolate is elegant and surprisingly velvety, unearthing wonderful cocoa and woody nuances. A supreme and skilfully balanced high cocoa percentage dark chocolate with intense cocoa notes, toffee and liquorice which will truly evoke your senses and delight the dark chocolate connoisseur in you.

Low in sweetness, it’s the perfect addition to rich chocolatey desserts, and can be beautifully paired with robust red wines, strong teas and creamy coffees to spectacular effect.


Pairs best with a Café Latté


Smokey and roasted with fruity notes

The absolute pinnacle of pure dark chocolate, which reveals the true flavour and strength of finest cocoa beans.

With the deepest dark brown colour, firm snap and a mesmerising earthy aroma with notes of roasted coffee, dried plum and liquorice, this intense slab urges you to discover more.

Full bodied cocoa notes and balanced sharpness melts slowly on the palate with delectable smoky and roasted flavours with hints of fruitiness.

The smallest amount of rich demerara sugar provides richness and depth, without taking away from the intense cocoa flavour.


Pairs best with an Espresso or a Cognac