Celebrating Centuries of Tradition and Innovation

Way back in 1879, aspirant confectioner Rodolphe Lindt set himself an ambitious task – to create a new type of chocolate, one that was easy to enjoy, effortless to consume. Given the state of chocolate at the time – hard and chewy are perhaps generous words to describe the situation – his attempts were met with much skepticism by Bernese society, and his first few forays into fine chocolate creation did little to alleviate their scorn.


But one fateful Friday night, Lindt left his factory without flicking the ‘off’ switch, leaving his recently acquired machinery to churn throughout the weekend. Much to his surprise, it wasn’t a hard, burnt mess that he discovered upon returning the next Monday morning, but rather a shiny, aromatic mass of smooth, melting chocolate. And so the conching process was born…


137 years later, LINDT remains at the forefront of chocolate craftsmanship, its Master Chocolatiers staying true to Rodolphe Lindt’s original recipe, whilst constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to enhance and diversify an ever-growing chocolate portfolio.


From the thinnest, most refined dark chocolate tablets to the most indulgent, dessert-filled creations, today there’s a LINDT slab on offer to suit every chocolate connoisseur’s tastes, each boasting that undeniably smooth consistency borne of a fortuitous experiment almost a century and a half ago.


So which slab will you sample this winter? Here are some of our Master Chocolatier’s favourites:


Intense, elegant and innovative, EXCELLENCE offers chocolate connoisseurs a refined and sophisticated sensory experience, using subtle flavours and textures to elevate the tastes and aromas found in the finest LINDT dark chocolate. Hints of mint, flecks of sea salt and zest of lime are just some of the ingredients masterfully incorporated into this range of thin and decadent slabs, which escalate in intensity all the way to a 99% cocoa rate, offering up something for every chocolate lover along the way.


Why choose between chocolate and dessert when you can have both at once? Inspired by this very question, our Master Chocolatiers set about incorporating culinary influences from around the world into one ultra-indulgent range of dessert-inspired slabs – CREATION. These sumptuous filled slabs add a chocolatey twist to dinnertime favourites like Crème Brulée and Chocolate Fondant, enrobing an indulgent core in the finest LINDT chocolate to create an on-the-go treat that can be enjoyed at any time.


 Honouring over a century of tradition, LINDT SWISS CLASSIC is a range of expertly crafted slabs that celebrate the simplicity of smooth, refined Swiss chocolate. Fashioned from the finest ingredients, and pored over with passion, SWISS CLASSIC stays true to its roots, letting the quality of the chocolate take centre stage. Available in milk, dark and white, SWISS CLASSIC is the ideal indulgence for those who appreciate pure chocolate craftsmanship at its finest.