Bliss on the go with LINDOR

Winter isn’t going anywhere fast, and despite the increasingly frigid climes, life has a way of refusing to slow down. And while hibernation might seem like the best possible solution when the mercury drifts downward, those to-do lists remain resolute in the face of frostbite, demanding to be tackled come rain or shine.


But despite life’s relentless pace, it’s important not to forget that all-important me-time, to slow down and cosy up to the charms of the chilly months. After all, there’s no better season to crank down the pace, cuddle up with a good book and dial out the demands of everyday life.


Sadly, our schedules don’t always allow for such unmitigated indulgence, and that alluring bath or epic reading session is often forcibly replaced by an obligatory event, a pesky DIY task or a slew of personal admin.


But no matter what your schedule demands, your bliss is only ever a moment away, thanks to LINDOR’s range of smooth melting treat-sized indulgences. Whether you’re venturing out on a rainy evening, or spending your Saturday tackling those long-anticipated chores, our irresistible selection of on-the-go treats is sure to offer a welcome reprieve.


So what’ll it be? Here are a few ways to rediscover your bliss this winter:

Bag it up

LINDOR’s all-new 87g treat bags come filled with just the right number of irresistibly smooth melting truffles to get you through a busy weekend. Whether you’re hitting the town, catching up on work or charging through your list of chores, this perfectly packaged helping of bliss is your go-to indulgence, offering up a sweet respite for the moments you need it most.


Stick to the plan

When it’s cold outside, but you’re all dressed up with somewhere to go, be sure to stock your handbag with a couple of irresistible LINDOR sticks. Whether it’s an unmissable friend’s birthday celebration or a long-standing work obligation, these treat-sized delights make the perfect companion for a cold night out.

A blissful break

They say there’s always time for tea, and the same goes for a much-deserved break. No matter what your day demands, it’s important to stop the clock every now and then, and indulge in the little things that make you happy. Whether it’s a quick flick through that magazine that’s been gathering dust on the shelf, or a much-needed catch-up with a friend halfway around the world, always work time for yourself into your schedule, and make sure to accompany it with a 3-piece LINDOR treat – the perfect complement to a stolen me-time moment. Available in Milk, Dark and Strawberries & Cream varieties, there’s a blissful option to suit every palate.